The Favourite

Anarchy created many realistic working props for “THE FAVOURITE.” The Queen's rabbit cages were drawn in 3D for CNC machining in various materials. For the Queens wheelchair, we designed in 3D a steel chassis and running gear to utilise an existing chair. The chair was cut and stripped down to its raw form and reupholstered. Details on the original carvings were copied, CNC machined and laser cut into the wheels to unify the new parts. We fabricated authentic looking leather tyres, brass handles, and art worked the completed wheelchair to age it. We also created many other fully working props for this film including wax seals and stamps, soft leather books, crutches, ornate brass keys to fit a period working lock.

Completed in 2018

Anarchy created many Special effects for Yorgos’s Multi Award winning film The Favourite. In particular the many log fires which became a beautiful source of lighting. This was achieved with a combination of real logs sourced from Hatfield house and ceramic logs with gas rigs. We also covered the bullet hits on the birds, Pyrotechnic Armour shot, blood rigs mud baths and much more.